Paint Correction

Removing 60%-90% of paint swirling and defects

These packages can take 8-18 hours, totally depending on vehicle size, condition, and/or how many of our staff members attend on the day.


Please remember to read the terms & conditions  before booking


Single Stage Correction Detail

You will be advised on anything that needs that bit more, for example heavier cuts/multi-stage in certain places. Or, we can add focus to areas that make you most unhappy about your car.

Firstly we will wash and decontaminate the entire vehicle, safely dry it off and get it prepped for machine polishing. Within the vehicles time with us, massive results will happen. This package is designed to brighten up your pride and joy, or remove light paint swirls commonly caused by cheap car washing.

To finish off, we would generally opt for a good spray sealant backed up with a warm glowing hard wax to finish and protect the vehicle. Ceramic coating can be added at an additional cost.

Please note: Interiors are not included in this price. While it’s with us, we are open to doing an interior deep clean at a discounted rate, seeing as the car is with us for some time.



2 Stage Correction detail

The vehicle is firstly washed and decontaminated in preparation for machine polishing.

Once our wipe down is done, we delve deep into the heavier cutting stages, removing the paintwork’s deeper defects and scratches. We then refine back with a lighter cut to remove any heavy cutting induced hazing to reveal the paints full potential.

We aim this option at the rare beauty with some age related marks! Can’t bring yourself to sell the vehicle? Sentimental attachment to it? Well, let me make it feel brand new again.

Once again, this package is just for the vehicle’s exterior, and an interior deep clean can be added for an extra cost.

Performance PPL 7 year 10H coating comes as standard with this package. We feel that we must add the highest form of protection to your pride and joy, having already done that much work




Single Stage From £350

2 Stage From £699

Small/Medium Vans